SQLite and Sqliteman with Mac OSX

If you want a free and open-source “Database Manager” for SQLite running on Mac OS X, I would suggest you to stick with Sqliteman. I think this is the best open-source tool to handle sqlite databases on Mac OS. Check their website for more information about features and screenshots.

How to install on Mac OS X

There is no version available for download on Sqliteman website and you’ll have to install using MacPorts:

hell:~ fmachado$ sudo port install sqliteman

 “QSqlDatabase: QSQLITE driver not loaded” error

I got this error and was a bit painful to figure out how to fix it. Anyway, if you get this error when trying to open a SQLite database, all you have to do is install “qt4-mac-sqlite3-plugin”.

hell:~ fmachado$ sudo port install qt4-mac-sqlite3-plugin