Test your english pronunciation

I saw this text on Facebook and I think this is so interesting that I decided to post here so I would be able to send this test to my friends. (If this text/audio belongs to you and I’m infringing your copyright, please let me know and I’ll remove it.) At the end you will […]

Autobid bot for mukirana.com

I was cleaning up my trashbin when I found this Javascript code created back in 2010 for autobid on mukirana.com (a brazilian penny auction website). I don’t think they are worried with this kind of fraud because they still are susceptible to this autobid mechanism. This code will autobid when remains only 2 seconds or […]

Algorithms and Data Structures – from A to Z

Did you know that the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) have a big dictionary of algorithms and data structures? Have you tried to implement a bozo sort algorithm? Do you know why a balanced BST is called AVL tree? Check it out at http://xlinux.nist.gov/dads/.

Are you a good programmer?

Every single day in the last few years I do almost the same thing when I wake up (well, probably you do too). Anyway, during my quick breakfast I ask myself if I did everything possible to be a better person (as father, co-worker, …) than the day before, I think about my family and […]

SQLite and Sqliteman with Mac OSX

If you want a free and open-source “Database Manager” for SQLite running on Mac OS X, I would suggest you to stick with Sqliteman. I think this is the best open-source tool to handle sqlite databases on Mac OS. Check their website for more information about features and screenshots. How to install on Mac OS […]

OCPJP6 exam question – serialization

I was reading the SCJP6 book from Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates (one of the most prestigious books if you are pursuing the Oracle Certification for Java SE 6 Programmer) and I found a question that will blow your mind. Well, at least my reaction was something like “wtf! there must be an errata somewhere…”.

Which […]

Connecting to a Mac with VNC

How to connect to a Mac from Windows or Linux? I was figuring out how to do it: should I install something like a dedicated Mac Terminal Server (e.g. Aqua Connect) or compile a VNC from source? Well, neither one. I can use the built-in VNC available with the latest Mac OS (Leopard and Snow Leopard […]